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Being a leader isn't about a title. I believe anyone can adopt the leadership mindset to inspire and influence others. My leadership values have been shaped through years of experience and personal growth. They help guide my decisions, behavior, and ensure that I’m holding myself and my teams accountable.

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In order to execute great work, individuals must be able to bring their best selves to work each day. The happiness and fulfillment of a team is crucial for scalable and sustained success.

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We are all experts, but nobody has all the answers. Trusting others, being open to learning and assuming positive intent provides a strong foundation for effective teams and professional relationships.

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I believe that when a team or individual is able to see how their contributions solve customer problems and directly ladder up to business outcomes, it drives enthusiasm and engagement.

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In order to broaden impact, influence and scale your craft, it’s important to make decisions and operate effectively. High quality design requires rigor, practice and a commitment to the process.

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