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My name is Evan. I'm a Product Design Leader specializing in cross-platform experiences, design systems, quality, and scaling design practices.

For the past 13+ years, I’ve been a design leader across multiple industries (medical, consumer, startup, saas) and my hands have touched nearly every corner of the creative landscape. My experience and values have been shaped by leading through others and holding a high bar for quality, craft, process, and execution. Please reach out if you would like to connect.

*The work shown here is a small representation of my accomplishments over the years. To get full context and more background, let's have a conversation. 

Benchling Design System: I led the effort to reestablish Benchling's Design System Foundations. These have been integrated into the Product Experience to make the UI more consistent and compliant with Accessibility standards.

Lish (food delivery startup): In 2014 I co-founded a food delivery startup with 3 other individuals. I served as lead designer, overseeing all creative efforts from web design, app design, branding, marketing, photoshoots, etc.

SonoSite iViz: The iViz was a handheld ultrasound device that was personal, portable and connected. It was designed to empower doctors and physicians around the world to save lives anywhere, at any time. I served as lead industrial designer and lead visual UI designer.

FUJIFILM FC1: The FC1 ultrasound device was designed around an existing SonoSite engine. We leveraged several existing parts and gave it an entirely new aesthetic and user interface. I served as lead industrial designer and interface designer.

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