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About Evan McCormack 

👈 (my resume)

For almost 14 years, I've been fortunate enough to work in this amazing industry. I've cut my teeth across multiple unique industries and experimented with more design mediums than I can remember. I lead with an open and curious mind and I willfully adapt to changes in technology, industry trends, and what's expected from designers.

I’m currently living and working remotely from the Pacific Northwest. I’m a design leader for multiple company pillars at Benchling; a cloud-based biotech saas platform. Previously, I worked at Zillow where I led a team of 18 Designers and Engineers focused on Design Systems and Platform experiences.

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My Approach to Design Leadership


I’m a people-oriented design leader who believes in making strong connections with my peers, partners, and reports. We must communicate openly, understand, and trust each other to build a foundation. Only then can we design and build great things together. 


I believe in QUALITY.

For many of us, we live in a world of abundance. We are inundated with information, products, screens, advertisements, and brands fighting for our attention. Consumers now expect good design. They want seamless, consistent, delightful, and personalized experiences from the brands they choose to engage with. Quality (usefulness + usability + craft) is no longer a nice-to-have, it is a must.  


I believe SYSTEMS = SCALE.

Systems-thinking equips product designers and design organizations with the tools and perspectives to navigate complex ecosystems. It allows them to scale their process and execute consistently to exceed their users’ expectations. A systematic approach encourages responsible decision-making and ensures we are prioritizing the interconnections of the product experience.

My Skills & Experience

  • Digital Product Design

  • Design Systems

  • Team Building & Management

  • Process & Operations

  • Visual Design

  • Creative Direction & Branding

My Operational Design Pillars

The following 'Pillars' are what I use to organize and scale the teams that I lead. Each of these is comprised of a subset of processes, frameworks, and tools to lean on.

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